The creation of ego
And the birth of self

Run rabbit run
Dig that hole , forget the sun
And when you are done
dig another one

I ran the race of education , now I'm running the race of occupation. Hopefully some day I'll be out of the race .

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My life is the following script repeated everyday

When the surface is lightened, I'm awake .
The punishment of flesh, worshipper of pain .
The drive is crazy, mind is reigned .
A fierce prayer, consistent like daisy chain .
Roaming the land of present,
Cry of eminent self that instant .
The scream of engine, calm of isolation ,
For there is no point in living a life of stimulation .
Taking the crown of destiny in hand ,
Heading towards the so called end .


Without views,
we are just animals

Politcal : Democracy
Social : Capitalism
Religious : Sufism
Marital : Monogamy
Life : Nihilism

7 deadly sins

Silly representation of what i think about my sins (drag to scroll)

~People I admire~

Meet me on the dark side of the moon